SMS: A new way into social-networking

Posted: January 8, 2010 in General, Social, Political, Tech
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twitter_bird.jpgAre you a regular user of twitter or facebook or both? Do you have the habit of updating your status all the time? Well I do, and I found it very difficult to let my friends know my status when I was doing thuings away from my comp or outside my house. Surprisingly, twitter and facebook being very popular, not many know about the sms mechnism they both support. Well, if people do know it, I dont think many use it… do you?


I was very happy when one of my friends told me about the sms tweets and also about facebook mobile. Now, I can update my status on the go, outside and absolutely anywhere as long as I have my cell phone with me. Facebook user have to register themselves on facebook-mobile and similarly twitter users on the sms tweets. For me in India, the sms rates for updating my status on both these sites are the same rates that apply for a national-sms from my service provider. This sms-support is applicable specifically for selected telecom compnaies in your country, but now its applicable to all in general.

facebook_logo2.pngHere’s what to do:

Twitter: just visit and register yourself there.

Facebook: in your facebook account, go to Settings > Account Settings and then check the ‘Mobile’ Tab. Here, you can register your phone and choose the desired settings. You can also choose to recieve status updates of your friends. Try it out… its fun.


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