Try out blog-writer: Raven

Posted: January 5, 2010 in General, Tech
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When I first started this blog, I used to post with the built-in wordpress editor itself. I was getting too tired with that, because for a slow internet connection, using an online editor was irritating. Plus, the images took a long time to get uploaded, even with a broadband connection, dunno why.

Later, I swtiched to the Windows Live Writer which was a very good tool. But due to some reason, which I could never find, even after breaking my head on the wall, Live Writer wasn’t downloading the pages right. Also, it showed some error when I tried to install a new blog on it. So I decided to go for something compact, fast and easy to handle… and thus I ended up with Raven, powered by Zoundry.


The adding of accounts, writing posts, re-writing posts, spell-check, inserting pictures, image tags, aligning them with text is just too easy. No problem with downloading pages, no delay AT ALL, and its already running smoothly with my two blogs. Publishing and re-publishing is neat. The user-interface is normal, but simple. Currently I’m using the Beta version. Hopefully Zoundry comes with something more powerful, but yet simple and easy. Its available for free:

Do let me know about your ways of posting. What software do you use? By the way, using the built-in editor is not so bad; many of my friends use it. But Raven’s the best…


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