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Are you a Harry Potter fan? Have you read all the books, watched all the movies? Did you like the recent release of The Half Blood Prince? I just watched it the other day, and I loved the movie. I also have to let you know that I haven’t read a single book of Harry Potter. Most of my friends who did read all the books, did not like the movie at all.


They argued that the movie skipped a lot of important scenes and concepts from the book, like the duel at the end with the death eaters. But hey c’mon, you cant expect a 2.5 hour movie capture each and every moment from a book. I mean, in a book you can just go on excersing you hand and refill the ink of your pen as many times as you want (except for that from Dolores Umbridge), but producing a film costs a million $$$!! During the movie, I felt that the rapport between Horace Slughorn and Potter was a little boring after the first half of the movie, but all in all, I loved it! Apart from the conspiracy building, I liked most Potter’s behaviour after he drank the Liquid Luck potion.

Have you ever given it a thought of how incredible this series has turned out to be?! And all this just because of one person’s unimaginable imagination! I have recently turned out to be a Potter fan, and that’s why I’m taken up by J. K. Rowling’s artistry! Hope she comes out with another series! To close this post, I would like to know your one most favourite character from the entire Potter series, other than Potter, Ron and Hermione. Mine’s the half blood prince himself!