Superheroes defeat Bollywood!

Posted: July 19, 2009 in General, Movies, TV

Well, with Fallen coming back to life, not only did it harm the Autobots but also the Hindi Film releases as well. One week later in India, Harry Potter brings his magic back again on screen. Films like New-York and Kambhakt Ishq failed to make their mark in front of these hollywood biggies. It’s not just this time. Last year too, Hulk pounded his way into the Bollywood Box-office and Iron-Man fired up the ticket counters! All this, even during and IPL season.

Transformers (5).jpg

What is it then that draws multiplex audiences towards these men of steel, these robots which can transform to even ur cell phone, and a guy who prefers a broom-stick rather than a train?! In most interviews of Bollywood stars I’ve seen and read about, they say that Indian audiences have become smarter and are more critical of the movies.

That’s exactly right. I mean, who would want to watch the ultra-dramatic scenes with high volume background music, and watch the hero save his girl from a bullet in slow motion… all over again! I’m not being derogative of bollywood movies… I’m a great fan of them! But we need change! Big time! kambakth-ishq-wallpaper.jpgThis year all the biggies came crashing down at the box-office… like Optimus Prime falling from the top of a pyramid! Delhi 6, Chandni Chowk to China were disasters… and Luck by Chance, Raaz, Billu were the thanda ones.

From this months releases, I watched New York and I think it was good movie which was a little over dramatized. I have no place in my system for Kambhakt Ishq from the reviews I got from my friends. Now, thats the best example to prove that the audiences are smarter! You cant just rope in a Stallone or a Denise Richards and expect the audiences to flock to your film! We want to watch a film, a movie, not an intro of Hollywood hotshots in OUR films! Anywyas, it was a different change, but Mr. Anu Malik… you need to take some lessons from Rahman Sir.

So, what’s your say on this? Have you watched the latest Harry Potter film? How do you like the film when compared to the books? Leave your comments.


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